Specialty Hats

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"Since the time I can remember, I have always enjoyed creating things with my hands, like whittling, molding, shaping, drawing, and painting pictures. Now I still do the same thing, but the thing I shape and paint is in the form of a hat. I guess one could say my hats are my canvas. Like the painting and sculpture that I have done and still do, each hat is a separate creation."

"This is a wild boar... no, a 'possum snout. He made his last appearance over here on Broadway and I picked him up."

#RK101 - $1000

#RK102 - $1200

#RK103 - $950

#RK104 - $1700

#RK105 - $1700

#RK106 - $800

#RK107 - $5500

#RK108 - $5500

#RK109 - $950

#RK110 - $950
John Klinginfuss

#RK111 - $850
Kaydin Carlsen

Disclaimer: These words are for folks who love animals. No one could love animals more than Charlie Tweddle. He uses animal parts only on some of his hats. Due to the love affair that Americans continue to have with their automobiles, Charlie has an endless supply of beautiful animals that he honors by using their remains to decorate some of his hats. Our "Specialty Hats" are made with Recycled Materials.