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Charlie Tweddle, AKA The Midnight Plowboy, is an internationally known visual and performing artist from Santa Cruz, CA whose canvases just happen to be shaped like hats and guitars - and just about anything else.

Tweddle's creations adorn some of the biggest heads in Hollywood as well as the Nashville music scene.

"Wearing a Charlie Tweddle hat can change your whole life," says Porter Bibb, a New York Daily News journalist. "I can't walk down the street without causing a sensation. I was even stopped on Madison Avenue by Ralph Lauren, who wanted to know where I got this 'incredible thing.'"

Charlie has been Tweddlizing things his whole life. Take a look at these incredible hats.

The Legend

"In 1972 I lost my favorite hat. Finding a replacement for something that had such character proved to be frustrating - so I set out and bought a new one and tried to make it look like the one I'd lost. Failing to make it look the same, I bought yet another...

"After six hats, I got tired of making new ones look like old ones... So, feeling down on my luck, I took my six hats to a little shop that sold new and used clothing.

"The shop keeper wasn't really interested, but said, 'Leave 'em here on consignment.' A week later I returned not expecting anything. The shop keeper was very excited. All six had been sold!

"This marked the beginning of my adventure with hats.

"Now my works of art are on the heads of Wall Street banker's and Hollywood movie Moguls."

Charlie Tweddle, pronounced Tweedle, is often misspelled as Tweetle or Twiddle.


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